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Specializing in Overcoming Anxiety 

Defeat immense suffering and start living again

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Do you suffer from workplace stress? Relationship stress? Chronic stress and anxiety? We can help you break habits that contribute to your stress.  Stress leads to anxiety and anxiety hijacks the brain as well as the body. The side effects in children, youth, college-age students are crippling and untreated can play into depression, drug use, social phobias, and even suicide.

We will teach you a fast and effective program that you can use
to stabilize emotional patterns and habits.
Let us help you break habits that contribute to stress and anxiety.

   You will learn techniques and tools that you can use daily at a moment's notice and no else will even
    be aware that you are using strategies to 
control your fear, self-doubt, and your anxiety triggers.

Don't live with a constant sense of dread Buy NOW

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  Overcome Anxiety Coaching  #101
Four online 45-minute sessions via zoom for individual who experience increasing levels of worry and anxiety. $350

Stress Recovery Packages

Become who you really want to be at home, work and with yourself !

Stress and bad effects on body, mind, emotions and health
Stop Stress! Stop judging others or yourself and take charge of your life!

 Stress Recovery Package 
Many Clients Notice Immediate Relief from Tension Worry Anger and Frustration

Eight 1-on-1 online powerful Coaching Sessions, provides information about how stress affects your physical & emotional health. You will learn strategies that will help you break stress and anger habits even if you have been a stress sufferer for years. You will learn key tools, techniques and exercises to give yourself personal empowerment over your automatic stress, anxiety and constant fear responses.
You will be amazed at just how quickly & effectively  Stress Recovery Coaching improves your life, creativity, and serious stress-caused health problems.  $600

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Recovery Feels Sooo Great !

Become your real self, communicate more effectively, Stress Recovery Coaching,  Have others respect you how to
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                                                          STRESS RECOVERY COACHING is perfect for you if you

if you live in a state of high stress and want to work to nourish yourself emotionally  



>Let's Look at Nine Ways our Stress Recovery Coaching Packages Can Help

People Suffering From Stress and Pain 

     Anxiety Coaching Can:

  1. Help relieve stress

  2.  Aid heart disease

  3.  Lower blood pressure

  4.  Reduce chronic pain

  5.  Improve sleep 

  6. Alleviate gastrointestinal difficulties

  7. Improve well-being 

  8.  Improve overall physical health

  9.  Improve mental health (You will feel less likely to get caught up in worries about the future or regrets over the past)

 In every 1-1 coaching session we will will help you find your  loving-kindness and overall happiness.

In every session, you will learn more about what works best for you, you'll work on homework, and see definite improvements.


           *  As coaches we are above all, kind and caring Stress Recovery Coaches and we have been where you are now. 

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Quick Coherence Coaching


Quick Coherence Coaching 301: Six online sessions about coherence and how to use quick coherence to refocus and balance your emotions and feel better fast. You'll find the feeling of inner ease and heart rhythms will be quickly more coherent. This allows you to access your own higher intelligence which can improve your focus, creativity, intuition and elevated decision making.


We will teach you a variety of techniques-steps that work together so that you will experience positive feeling or attitude like compassion, appreciation and caring. the feeling of calm that you can reach in a moment, has a powerful soothing effect on your entire body and brain.


Many of our clients immediately feel uplifted and regenerated.


We'll teach you how to journal your experiences to make Quick Coherence an even more powerful tool during your day. At times when you're feeling overloaded this technique can make a difference in stopping  impatience and frustration. 


Your ability to judge what's  really important  in life will start to shift as you practice and develop your Coherence skills. Interactions with family and friends become less negative, and you'll notice your connections with people

become stronger and deeper.  

One-to-One single 45 minutes online session $90

Save money and see more resiliency in your life when you buy six-45 minute online sessions one-to-one for only $450