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Girl Lying on Dry Ground

Mastering Your Emotions  

Girl Lying on Dry Ground

Mastering Your Emotions  

 Mastering Your Emotions Life Coaching

*Emotions are the Key to Happiness But They Often Get In Our Way

*Emotions like jealousy, resentment or  vanity often undermine our efforts to come together and to figure out a solution to our problem

*Don't let your emotions get the best of you

  Emotional mastery regulates:
   *The quality of your life and the success of your relationships. 

* Puts you in control so you can see and/or do what is most effective.
* Gives you the confidence and power to successfully handle your feelings and create your fulfilling and authentic life.  


You can identify and change these limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

Emotional mastery is learning to handle an emotion before it gets the best of you--before you're out of emotional control. Life coaching helps you stop the reactions that contribute to your losing control and learn to handle emotions when you first begin to feel them so you can be in control of your life.
Our emotions can hijack our perceptions and affect our interpersonal relationships in complex and detrimental ways. Conflicting emotional agendas often prevent people from solving problems successfully and constructively. Emotional agendas and the unconscious stress patterns they create keep people from moving forward. People who want to manage their emotions can't always change because change requires emotional reengineering. As trained life coaches and HeartMath providers, Frank and I  understand how to go about emotional reengineering by clearing away agendas to achieve happiness instead of the crush of reactions and stress.
During coaching sessions you'll learn about the 10  power emotions and you'll quickly begin to feel good about yourself. You'll show emotions that are appropriate to situations and be able to nurture relationships.. Your relationships will improve! Anyone can learn how to master their emotions using the straightforward steps we'll teach you will not simply be denying your feelings or that there is a problem.
Get the support you need to take control of your feelings


  Mastering Your Emotions Life Coaching  
Four online 45-minute sessions via zoom for individuals who need to handle your feelings successfully. $350
Take action right away and buy now.

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Stress Recovery Life Coaching

Giving up or getting angry are defeat and defense reactions that happen to the body when it cannot tolerate any more stress overload.
Sadly, most people are not as happy as they would like to be.

When Stress is a Habit Life Coaching Will Help

Stress, Stressors, workplace stress,Transform stress, satisfying feelings, overcome stress quickly

Many Clients Notice Immediate Relief from Tension Worry Anger and Frustration
Eight 1-on-1 online powerful Coaching Sessions, provides information about how stress affects your physical & emotional health. You will learn strategies that will help you break stress and anger habits even if you have been a stress sufferer for years. You will learn key tools, techniques and exercises to give yourself personal empowerment over your automatic stress, anxiety and constant fear responses.
You will be amazed at just how quickly & effectively Life Coaching Stress Recovery Coaching improves your life, creativity, and serious stress-caused health problems.
Eight 45 minute online sessions $600
Don't live with a constant and habitual stress Buy NOW

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Become your real self, communicate more effectively, Stress Recovery Coaching,  Have others respect you how to
Happy Young Woman
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Happy Couple who overcame stress, stress relief benefits, recharge emotional batteries, heart disease, sleep pattern, well-being, improve mental health, reduce chronic pain

And Stress Recovery Feels Sooo Great !

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Personal Life & Quick Coherence Coaching

Easily create a state of coherence in about 60 seconds by releasing stress and
stop draining emotions.

Conversation Between Colleagues
Confident Businessman

Learn to Shift Into your Heart Coherence and Get Unstuck  

Six online sessions about coherence and how to use quick coherence to refocus and balance your emotions and feel better fast. You'll find the feeling of inner ease and heart rhythms will be quickly more coherent. This allows you to access your own higher intelligence which can improve your focus, creativity, intuition and elevated decision making.

Many of our clients immediately feel uplifted and regenerated.


We will teach you a variety of techniques-steps that work together so that you will experience positive feeling or attitude like compassion, appreciation and caring. the feeling of calm that you can reach in a moment, has a powerful soothing effect on your entire body and brain.

We'll teach you how to journal your experiences to make Quick Coherence an even more powerful tool during your day. At times when you're feeling overloaded this technique can make a difference in

stopping  impatience and frustration. 


Your ability to judge what's  really important  in life will start to shift as you practice and develop your coherence skills. Interactions with family and friends become less negative, and you'll
notice your connections with people 
become stronger and deeper.  

One-to-One single 45 minutes online session $90

Don't live your life feeling lousy and unhealthy Buy NOW

Or Save Money and see more resiliency in your life when you buy six-45 minute

online sessions one-to-one for only $450

Don't live with a short fuse and energy drain Buy NOW

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