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Personal Life Coaching & Growth

Online Couples Coaching 

Looking at the River


*Online sessions - you don't have to travel
*Choose the time that works for you
*Application strategies based on your needs
*Connect in between coaching sessions


Our Services
  • The best strategy session ever to see if we

    30 min
  • Available Online
    Establish superb start for upcoming wedding; build on a strong foundat...

    1 hr
    100 Canadian dollars
  • Available Online
    Focuses on present issues and help the couple move forward together wi...

    1 hr
    100 Canadian dollars
  • Available Online
    Solutions for Stress; Increase emotional composure/clarity, Many healt...

    1 hr
    100 Canadian dollars
  • Available Online
    Personal Development Coaching: Build Your Purposeful Successful Life, ...

    1 hr
    100 Canadian dollars
  •  Life Coaching Helped Me Move Forward

Life coaching made my life so much easier and we worked on mindfulness too. I found that life coaching is a partnership with my great coach, Frank, where the goals, ideas, problems, solutions and ultimately the action came from inside of me.

 Elliott B. 

  • I Was Stressed Out All the Time and HeartMath Moved Me Forward

Before I started the life coaching I was looking for something that would help me move forward with my life. I defined success as having a great life that was happy and not being overwhelmed all the time with my mind running a hundred miles an hour. I  just couldn't feel it and I just couldn't see where I was going wrong.  I was so frustrated at my lack of progress and just couldn't see any other way of doing things, but Frank asked the right questions and I learned strategies that helped me move forward. I can't believe the changes in my life now.

 Casey F.

  •  Relationship Coaching, Self-Esteem & Confidence

I had struggled for years with low self-confidence and  negative beliefs that blocked my way. I am enjoying my life more as I feel more confident. Coaching me to deal with them. I wish I had used coaching when I first started feeling bad and that I had no friends. Coaching helped me see the big picture and I was able to re-evaluate what was important to me. I figured out what I needed to do, to achieve what I wanted to achieve in my relationship with my partner, but also in my life and with my family.     

 Anne D. 

  • Life Coaching and Mindfulness Tools  Brought Me to a New Life

I wasn't sure how my first life coaching session was going to go. I thought I would get advice and directions to use to make my life happy. Instead, Frank taught me how to choose my own directions and grow as a person for unlimited happiness. I discovered the choice to set goals, achieve them and then celebrate. I am more relaxed and positive and I sleep better. Karen F.

  • How we Rekindled Our Relationship and Renewed Family Love   

Since taking our marriage coaching sessions, we both have greater commitment for our marriage, and we have fewer fights. Our bond is stronger and so is our relationship with our children. We are all happier and have more fun together. If we feel like we need help to overcome an obstacle in our path we email Frank, and he emails me back with fresh ideas to help us keep growing as a couple and a family. 

Thank you, man!

   David H. 

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