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Need Help Cleaning the Garage?

Updated: Jan 27

These Must-Read Tips Make It Easy

Best practices for cleaning garage

Organizational systems

How to Crush It!

Keep up With the Science

Crush Procrastination

Learn strategies to reduce task avoidance in everyday life and ways to think and react that will make cleaning the garage much easier.

As life coaches, we see people who show signs of something bigger such as passive avoidance behavior, task avoidance behavior, and compulsive task avoidance.

We help those with life coaching to combat this type of thinking which can severely set you back in life, if not dealt with.

Want to Feel Better About Life?

Studies have shown that clutter causes notable decline in happiness and fulfillment.

You will feel better about your life and your living space, so stop thinking about it and we'll help you get it done.

Once it’s done, stay mindful and make it a life habit to keep clutter from sneaking back.

Task Avoidance is a Real Thing

If your garage is a mess, but you have can't seem to stop putting off cleaning it, begin by reading a list of 6 ways to crush procrastination, right here. After you have taken a minute to process or save these ideas to review and practice later, you'll be so ready to read our

step-by-step how-to-clean-a-messy-garage in one weekend.

Task Avoidance Pointers and Tips That Really Work

Task avoidance is a major problem faced by people all over the world. And it’s very common place.

Think about the last time you procrastinated or put something off. If the task is too daunting, try these strategies: 1. Break your work into smaller tasks 2. Delete tasks from your to-do list 3. Commit to doing an average job 4. Work in short bursts of time 5. Use affirmations 6. Reward yourself 7. My special tip: Use a stopwatch to help you work faster and to provide motivation, (Beat-the-clock).

Now, Time to Check Out These Expert Garage Cleaning Pointers Guidelines

Best Tips to Clean Out the Garage (Messy House Comin' Up)

Have a plan, a timeframe, a sitter, and a few helpers and choose a weekend with good weather. You will get the job done!

  1. Have a supply of cooked food, snacks and drinks prepared ahead of time.

  2. Wear work clothes and work shoes to complete this task safely.

  3. Purchase new or gather together cleaners, boxes, plastic tubs, work gloves, dust mask, duct tape, paper, and markers.

  4. We work better when we turn on the tunes, but you might choose audiobooks or podcasts - anything to keep you pumped up and moving forward.

  5. Set up your outside workspace (patio, driveway, sidewalk, lawn) move the cars, set up a table for sorting things, and have a big garbage pail close by.

Domains, Categories, Zoning & Plans

We make a domain zoning plan for the inside of our garage space, to help us stay in the groove. See Domains Below

Categories for Where to Put Items we Take Out of the Garage

We also try to organize everything into categories. You could use these general categories that work for us during our cleaning or design your own depending on the size of, and clutter in, your garage space.

The Master Plan Stage for All Our Stuff:

  • Put in a different place - back yard, basement, shed, truck of car, etc.

  • Donate

  • Retain

  • Throw out

  • Recycle

  • Action items (things you need to return to your lender, anything that needs repair) items that you have borrowed and need to return, things that need to be taken for repair)

Garage Sale, eBay, Etsy