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How to Build a Strong Enduring Relationship

Updated: Feb 22

How to sustain a loving relationship, secrets to happy, healthy relationship, enduring love, laugh together, skill and self-awareness, body language, commitment.

Love is About Skill and Self-Awareness

Long-Lasting Love Doesn't Thrive Without Purposeful Action & Effort

It does not really matter how long you have been in your relationship, if it is time to spice things up, reignite your relationship or get out or a relationship rut, this list of suggestions will certainly help:

  • Tell your partner you appreciate your relationship, especially during stressful times.

  • Find and make the time to spend quality time together, instead of watching TV or using your device.

  • Make time for intimacy and try something new to give you both of the natural high that healthy physical relationship provides (your body’s hormones).

  • Be intentional and make the commitment to each other to deepen your relationship. It takes commitment, to rekindle a relationship, and you both need to hear words of acknowledgement.

  • Be Aware of Your Partner's Body Language. For example, when your partner leans toward you or takes your hand, it is a special invitation that should never be ignored. Turn to your partner and smile, touch a shoulder or brush a cheek in response to the unspoken signal, and enjoy the close that develops authentically and lovingly.

Resist taking the easy way out in your relationship. Love understand and accepts differences.

  • Making eye contact is a powerful expression of interest in your partner because it indicates your undivided attention. If it is time to make time to show your partner you are really listening, you do not even have to solve the problem, just listen and show empathy.

  • Do not stop putting in the work necessary to keep your love alive. Be engaged in your relationship success. Talk about your loving bond and how your both attend to each other, care for each other, and celebrate how you both cherish your connection. Identify what your partner does to keep your love alive. Make the effort to stay connected.