Our  Coaching Approach


Our Coaching Approach

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Dedicated to working with individuals, couples, dating singles and business people, we find great satisfaction in seeing them reach their personal and business potential.






We know that in order to get there, you need someone on your side, someone to support you, hold you accountable and celebrate your successes. This is why our clients work with us.

 Success With Coaching Approaches

There are many coaching approaches, principles, models and tools an experienced coach can use, and, if the clients will benefit more from combining approaches that work well together and compliment each other, we will integrate the approaches that enhance each other.

*Solutions Focused



*Goal Focused 

*Directive Coaching

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We love helping others succeed and are inspired
when we connect
with people just like you. 


What Happens During Couples Coaching Sessions?

Couples coaching is online and can help make your relationship extraordinary!

Find out how to get unstuck, overcome challenges and communicate effectively.

You and your partner can meet with your Coach as a couple in the same or different rooms.

During our first call, we’ll evaluate where you are and where you want your relationship to be.

We will tailor the right program for you and we will begin to repair and rebuild your relationship.

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Couples Learn About Themselves, Each Other, How to Work Better as a Team




  • Get in shape?

  • Make big life changes?

  • Dissatisfied with your life?

  • Heal physically and emotionally

  • Are you feeling stuck or stressed?

  • Make a decision about your career?

  • Or maybe you want to be healthier 

Benefits of One-To-One Wellness & Life Coaching With Frank or Camille Include:

  • Lower BMI

  • Greater Self-Love

  • Higher self-esteem

  • Increased optimism

  • Enhanced creativity

  • Reduced depression

  • Reduced listlessness

  • Less food-related anxiety

  • Fewer weight fluctuations

  • Increased self-confidence

  • Increased self-compassion

  • Reduced obsession with food

  • ​Enhanced satisfaction with life

  • Increased satisfaction with eating

  • Less binge or uncontrolled eating

  • Stabilize your interrelationship with eating and your body

  • Less Worrying about starting and failing yet another diet

  • Greater desire to socialize with other and make new friends

  • Body appreciation and satisfaction

  • Increased satisfaction with eating

We can teach you simple, straightforward  and effective techniques

that will help you  achieve your goals and have you feeling great, inside and out.


We are life coaches with a passion for working with clients who are

stuck in a rut and can’t seem to break free.

We offer a free 30-minute discovery call to anyone who is considering life and wellness coaching. This allows you to start to plan for your coaching experience.

Whether your rut is fitness, relationships, career-or just generally life-related,  we are able to help you with many different approaches, including physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

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 Wellness Coaching Package

This package of eight coaching sessions online via Zoom is perfect for you if you are ready to discover your beliefs and values, and plan out your ideal future with those beliefs in mind. You want one-on-one, personalized guidance, support and instruction. You want results and that is what you'll see. Results as you step onto the path of wellness and change for the better.
Six weekly 60-minute sessions, on-one-one, personalized especially for you, and instruction, offering fitness plans to suit you, meal-planning, how to become aware of how to resolve problems around food and eating, helps you create a healthier relationship with food and your body.

When Can I Start Seeing Changes?
It depends on what you want to change but new beliefs create new behaviors to help you achieve your goals.
Depending upon how accountable your are and how  much work you put in after each session, in a short amount of time you can begin to see and feel the difference. If you want to lose weight, it won't happen overnight, but you can notice an improvement in feeling fit/stronger/more energetic in a short a time as two weeks. 
We are great motivators and advocates, supporting and encouraging you as you go through transformational life changes. 
We will help you let go of your limiting beliefs and help you learn new ways and perspectives to make and reach new goals!
Eight 45-minute one-to-one online sessions/one per week for optimum success $400

Eating Disorders: Please bear in mind: Our coaching programs are not suited for people struggling with active eating disorders for example those who are engaging in dangerous behaviors such as purging or severe restricting. If you have an active eating disorder, please see the National Eating Disorder Information Centre for referrals instead.

Business Coaching 

Partnering With You to Build Financial Prosperity and Business Success

Many business owners are consulting with a business coach for help, so they can convert their business success into personal wealth. With over 20 years of business experience, I have the know-how you need. 

Leadership coaching is a tremendous tool for boosting your career prospects to the next level. Coaching improves your skill-set and your promotion opportunities.

My positive energy and true life experience make me a relatable coach and consultant who brings out the best in people. I am practical, and connect with people and provide coaching techniques to help clients restore
self-belief, increase and maintain self-confidence, and face challenges with courage.

Career Coaching Specifically For Women

Helping women professionals who want to build their careers faster

Ready to get started?  C'mon!

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Inspiring Women to Lead

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          *Invest  in Women's Dreams

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Studies show that millions of women in their thirties and forties have lost their passion for their jobs. If you find that your have to drag yourself out of bed in the morning and you dread going to work, it is time to let go of who you think you should be, let go of the negative self talk and gain the confidence to show up in the workplace.

Perhaps you were like those  millions of women going from one job to another trying to find that "golden position" where you could really work to your maximum and you get the pay you deserved. 

We are here to help you find true fulfillment in your career if you are ready to get back to work after taking a hiatus, if you left several jobs in a row because you weren't finding employment where you could get the salary as a woman, you were hoping for.  So if you lost direction and clarity about your career path along the way, if you want to get out of an unrewarding career, or if your children are old enough for you get back into the workforce, we have clients who are going through the same kinds of transitions and we're here to help you find your true career path.

There are many reasons for losing the passion you initially had for your work but if you feel it is time to get back at it, we will help you sort out your true feelings, support you as you deal with them and then see you on your way forward. It is time to look forward, with renewed skills, direction and a new perspective!

The number one reason why women leave a job
is not raising a family according to research, but rather the
hard fact that the workplace is still not a level playing field
when it comes to promotions and salaries.

It is a crucial time for women and they need allies to allow new dialogues and to
take courageous steps to improve their lives and their livelihoods.
Women need to also find ways to overcome their emotions surrounding this complicated and emotionally charged situation that we can work through together. It is possible to identify  and overcome feeling subservient, being defeated and not being able to move forward because of numbness of discouragement. 
At career coaching sessions for women,
we will work through it together,
in a warm supportive environment. 

Powerful coaching sessions will help you regain the energy and satisfaction
you are looking for when you are at work.

We will support you as you discover
your best career path
based upon your unique talents, abilities, and interests.

We will help you grow the skills needed at your worksite to get that raise or that promotion. You will learn about careers that suit you personality type, learn about the salary range, and if the profession is in high demand.
Together we will explore the nature of your career and the necessary education to excel in your chosen profession. You will write a resume showcasing your skills and talents, improve your interviewing skills, and learn techniques to handle workplace stress.
By talking and planning together, we will design the ways for you to achieve work-life balance. 

We all struggle with the question of personal meaning, at various times throughout our lives.

Women who are senior executives struggle with this question at the high point of their careers. When these executives hit this high point, they are usually in their thirties, forties and fifties.
Their parents are reaching the end of their lives, and these top executives, are reminded that they are mere mortals. It is a wake-up call for them and it is a difficult time.
Professional career coaching can help women transition through this time of life.

If you are in this position, I can help you see your strengths and identify new ways to use them.

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Looking For Career Advice?
Find Career Success With 
Coaching Customized For You

Business Plan

Work With a Career Coach and Find Your Ideal Career

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Frequently Asked Questions About Coaching

When should I call a life coach?

1. When you are facing a difficult personal or professional decision and want a clear-headed perspective!

2. When you feel that your energy isn't being channeled in the most effective way!

3. When you need someone to believe in you and listen to you!

“At some time in your life, you probably had someone believe in you when you didn't believe in yourself.”
― Stephen R. Covey

   “I started working with Frank a few months ago and I really appreciate his refreshing approach to business coaching. He has a unique ability to read his

     client. He gets to the point and helps to focus in on what is really important for growth. His feedback always comes from a place of genuine caring and                   wanting to help me succeed. I love his quote about having faith in myself. Since working with Frank, I feel more confident in my leadership and

     empowered with my decisions.   I am anticipating every meeting and I am so excited to see where 2020 takes us!” - Clayton H. Small business owner

How many coaching sessions do I need?

We recommend people make an initial three-month commitment to coaching as it takes time to learn the tools, create new habits and for real change to take root. After this period, we look at where you would like to go from there, whether and how you would like to continue.

We offer a free 15-minute discovery call to anyone who is considering life coaching. This allows you to experience what coaching is like without any obligation on your part.  

What payment methods are accepted?

Vytal Life  Coaching and Consulting accepts Credit card though PayPal.

An invoice and thereafter your receipt, 

will be issued.

What if  I need to cancel a session?

Coaching a client can be a work in progress and may require regular, ongoing sessions to achieve full potential. If the Client needs to cancel a coaching session they may do so within twenty-four hours of the session. If not cancelled within twenty-four hours, the Coach will not make up that session, unless deemed an emergency.


Do you, the life coach do the work for me?

Your accountability is key to your making change in your life in one or more areas. The Coach's job is to help guide your

progress and help you understand yourself. There will be homework assignment after each session to help you practice new perspectives and overcome limiting beliefs, and it's up to you to complete those between sessions. Coaching helps you discover your beliefs and values, and plan out your ideal future. At coaching sessions, the Coach provides tools, and support, helping to facilitate change in the Client's life. 

Are the Sessions Confidential?

Yes, the sessions are private and confidential. We agree not to disclose any information about the Client, unless the Client provides written permission. Confidential information does not include information that was in the Coach's possession before it was given by the Client to the Coach. Confidential Information does not include information that is known to the public in general, or is given to the Coach by a third party, without breach of any obligation to the Client.  Confidential information  does not include information that is independently developed by the Coach without reference of use of the Client's confidential information. Confidential information does not include information the Coach is required by law, statue, issued subpoena, or court order to disclose. The Client has a continuing obligation to raise any confidentiality question with the Coach in a timely fashion.

How Do I Get Started?

To receive the greatest benefits, first, contact us by phone and then we'll email you the Pre-Discovery-Session-Questionnaire, as a starting point, to read, think about, complete the best you can, and email back to me before we talk. 

The next step is to book your FREE Discovery Session (30 minutes). During the Discovery Session we'll take a few minutes for a brief  chat and go over your completed pre-discovery session questions and answer any questions that you may have. During the FREE Discovery Session, clients are often happy and surprised to learn quite a bit about themselves, because we'll go a bit deeper and talk about your challenges.     

The Discovery Session is a powerful beginning to your coaching experience and your journey.

As Coaches we always look forward to talking with you and want you to get the most from your Coaching Sessions.

You will receive some additional materials by email as part of your Vytal Welcome Pack before your

first coaching session. Clients set the date and time of their first session during the Discover Sessions.