Vytal Life and Relationship Coaching is Transformational

Solution-Focused Coaching 

Powerful online sessions will help you overcome limiting blocks, get unstuck,
reach personal or relationship goals, find joy overcome fears and difficulties
and grow in incredible ways

Let's talk about YOU and our dedication to YOUR success!

YOU will discover answers, find solutions, and create possibilities to move forward

We have YOUR best interests at heart and commit to supporting and guiding YOU on YOUR personal journey

We're breakthrough experts who provide YOU with empathy, honesty, commitment, dedication, and trustworthiness

We open our hearts to feel for the pain from the struggles you're going through because that's how we fully hear what you're saying and recognized the feeling behind what YOU are saying

A coaching relationship requires transparency, honesty, and commitment ( on both ends) to work so that you can achieve meaningful transformations so provide gentle support you need to achieve your goals

We'll guide you towards the type of support you need the most, to succeed at this time in your life  :)

 Or enjoy a sampling of coaching specials to check us out

1.  First Steps Strong Start PKG

2.   Forever & Always Post-Marriage
       Coaching PKG

3. Clarity, Fresh Start, Change &
      Grow PKG

Appreciate your life

You have our own authentic light. 

You were born with the qualities you need to get everything you

have ever wanted!


We've helped clients reach each milestone, one at a time.


With an ultimate end goal of satisfaction and success.”


(1) First Steps Strong Start Package



Included in this package


During your 45-minute online Couples Coaching session your certified coach will provide advice to help your relationship &
create a strong relationship right from the start ! 

  • private, premarital individualized coaching sessions with a personal certified premarital coach. 

  • Customized premarital assessment to know potential stressors and the strengths in your relationship.

  • Ensure a great start to your upcoming marriage.

Number of Sessions: One

Session length (in minutes): 45

Completion time within 1 week

(2) Forever & Always Post-Marriage Coaching Package


    @ CA$50.00

Included in this package


During your two 45-minute online Couples Coaching sessions, your certified coach will meet you after your wedding and honeymoon as newlyweds, as you continue to invest in your marriage.

  • learn how to better manage conflicts that occur in any  relationship.

  • prevent a relationship from going downhill.

  • help a struggling marriage.

  • You'll be given the skills, support and resources needed to implement lasting solutions to problems and to remain excited about your relationship and committed to each other.

Number of Sessions: Two

Session length (in minutes): 45

Completion time within 1 week

(3) Clarity, Fresh Start, Change & Grow Package


  @ CA$75.00

Included in this package

Number of Sessions: Four

Session length (in minutes): 45

Completion time within 2 weeks

Increased confidence and a greater understanding of  yourself.
During four-45 minute confidential online sessions we'll work
together to begin to transform your life by connecting your to your life's purpose. We'll use individualized assessments and inventories.

  •  You'll start to recognize limiting blocks that keep you from moving forward with your life.

  •  You'll begin to get unstuck.

  •  You'll see new perspectives.

  •  You'll explore options and          transform the "what-ifs"

  • Many people have seen changes in thinking and improvements after the first session. 

  • You'll start to create new habits to keep your positive and productive.

About Us

Hi, we're Frank and Camille and we are certified Personal Life Coaches, Relationship Coaches, and HeartMath Providers. We are trained in helping people find themselves, their direction, and true happiness in all areas of their lives.

Suffering from habitual fears and constant worries? We're here to help you find solutions for relieving worry, fatigue, and tension. 
Our holistic approach brings clarity, direction, motivation and positive support for our clients.

We help clients live their best life, by closing the gap between where they are now, and where they want to be.
We are dedicated to people who are looking for their own emotional empowerment in our fast-paced world. Our intention is to make it easier for people to connect with their intuition and establish their inner security.

Through identifying growth areas, setting goals, and holding clients accountable, they reach their highest goals and life-long dreams. If  learning how to feel powerful and boosting your life to the ultimate level in this roller coaster world of ours is your dream, but you feel uncertain, confused and unmotivated, we'll provide you with tools and support to transform your life quickly and successfully. 


Do you feel like you’re disconnected with the people around you or with yourself, are looking for powerful awareness and if you want to understand your true purpose we'll guide you as you practice  new habits that transform the old stress circuitry. 

When people yearn for a romantic partner or a better relationship with family or colleagues they look to us because we are trained in practical and proven methods to help people find themselves, their direction and their true happiness. 

We both have a passion for working with clients who are stuck and who are ready to move forward. Clients love to work with either of us one-to-one, because they get results, often with the first online, one-to-one session.

Find out how to get unstuck, overcome challenges and reach your  dreams. Coaching will help you take control of  your life and make it extraordinary!

You will be unstoppable!

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Certifications Groups & Societies

*Digital Life Coach 
*Life Coaching-Certification
*Professional Relationship Coach Diploma
*Relationship Coaching Certified

*Life Coaching-Mindfulness Certification
*Life Coaching-HeartMath Certification
*PWA-Professional Writers Alliance Certification *Transformational Life Coach Certification
*Body Language Certified
*Happiness Coach Certified
*Health, Wellness Coach Certified
 *Association for Coaching
*Ziglar Group
*BYU Management Society
*Administration Leadership of BC

We're so happy you're visiting us today!

As personal life coaches, we encourage and counsel clients on a range of professional and personal issues.
This process is distinct from giving advice, consulting, counseling, mentoring, and administering therapy.
When you coach with either one of us, you will get help and support
with specific projects, personal goals, and transitions. This is called the autocratic coaching style


Personal life coaching is about changing your life.  Transformation is our purpose and our passion for
your beautiful life!
It is all about you and it depends on your effort, accountability and what you want to change.

If you suffer from poor self-esteem for example, attaining your true confidence won't happen overnight, however, in a short amount of time, depending on your efforts, you can begin to see transformation in a huge way.

It's about clarity, fresh perspectives, choices, plans of action and accountability, all leading to the kind of life that you truly want.

Our  passion is to work with people and help them attain greater fulfillment in life and in your relationships.

Helping You Create a Unique Life​
We assist our clients to find clarity as to where
they now are, and where they want to be
in their lives. 
We will help you discover what you are
truly meant for in this life.
Coaching provides a safe and supportive
environment that produces ongoing
mutual respect and trust.
As coaches, we ask really powerful questions every day
to evoke discovery, insight, commitment and
action that moves our clients forward.

Supporting You To Reach Your Goals​
We are a committed couple and the parents of four wonderful children. We both have a natural ability to communicate, work with, and help our clients navigate change and develop healthier and more satisfying relationships of all kinds: couples, parents and their children (youth, or adults!), between co-workers, and among friends.
 -Frank & Camille

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Increase a greater understanding of yourself
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Each new skill requires time to learn and implement

Each session ends with a review of specific strategies

Dare to be an original

Personalized Mindfulness Life Coaching for You, Your Teen or Your Family

Business affairs
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success for your teen, teenage stress, teenage bullying, teenager, teenage anxiety, teenager shutting down, teenage confidence, teenage joy, teenage life

We are Certified Personal Life Coaches and Certified Relationship Coaches. Both Frank and I also provide Mindfulness Coaching and HeartMath System solutions for adults and teens. In our fast-paced society overwhelm, stress and anxiety are constant drains on our emotional energy that strain our ability to cope. Research indicates that practicing mindfulness can improve focus and concentration, decrease stress, anxiety, and depression and increase happiness and well-being. As a certified mindfulness coach and a HeartMath provider, I can give you personalized attention, and instruction in mindfulness so you can reduce your stress, transform your anxiety and find your joy.
HeartMath Provider
I have supported clients through their chronic anxiety and anxiety disorders. I am happy to have seen clients who were conditioned to their anxiety and fear, gain the necessary tools and strategies to overcome the difficulties they had lived with for years. It depends on the type of anxiety disorder, but general symptoms that I have helped clients overcome include:
*Intense, excessive and persistent worry and fear about everyday situations and social anxiety
*Dry mouth
*Problems sleeping
*Heart palpitations
*Shortness of breath
*Cold Sweaty hands
*Not being able to be still and calm
*Feelings of panic, fear, and uneasiness
*Panic attacks

Overcome panic attacks, fears, and social anxiety.

Our online sessions are a time to let your coach know what is going on in your life, a time for you to ask questions, to learn mindfulness techniques that work for your life and receive HeartMath tools to help you overcome stress,
anxiety and/or anger.

I can help you manage anxiety

How does your current life feel?

Relationship coaching, couples coaching, marriage plan that works for you, improve your marriage, romantic love
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Treating Stress During Personal Life Coaching Sessions

Anxiety is your body’s natural response to stress. Anxiety that comes and goes is part of life and usually not debilitating however if it interferes with your life you may have an anxiety disorder


With an anxiety disorder the feeling of fear persists, may be with you all the time, and can affect anyone at any age

Chronic anxiety in children and teens is on the rise and when not treated may begin to interfere with day-to-day activities

Anxiety in children is common. Children learn skills to handle and calm anxiety from family, friends, and teachers, and you, the parent can learn strengths-based parenting skills from Frank and me online and in the comfort of your own home.

Learn from us what to do and not do when your children are anxious or depressed

If a child has an anxiety disorder he or she may also be depressed as these two mental health disorders often occur together

Freeing Your Child From Anxiety

Portrait of Girl

As your life coach, I will help you identify specific goals and then support you and keep you accountable for reaching your goals.
Making positive changes and experiencing lasting life changes can help you transform your life!
From helping to achieve personal and professional goals, face difficult situations, push past emotional barriers to improving productivity, living a fulfilling life, and much more, I will maintain contact and make sure to check in with you throughout the process to make sure you are progressing and
keeping your momentum up

Transforming anxiety is often added to your individualized program and sessions, aiding you to take control in this hectic life you lead

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Couples and Relationship Coaching that can Deepen Your Relationship

online-relationship-counseling-life coach-love-psychologist-confident-self-adult-motivate-spport-

Achieve your relationship goals
Couples coaching works


Focus is on actions, the future and
solving problems

Couple Hugging

Seek help when struggling with your relationship


Relationship coaching is positive and

Relationship coaching works because it helps couples find external solutions to overcome barriers, 

implement effective choices and

learn new skills

Couples Coaching

With couples coaching, partners learn to create open lines of communication so that couples can be more responsive, understanding and expressive.


Find Your Ideal Partner~Couples~Work Colleagues~Families~Coaching

Because people change, their relationships must change with them.
Learn just how to keep the feeling of closeness and friendship alive.
Vytal Relationship Coaching will help you know how to build good relationships that bond people for life.

Conflicts and Emotions, Communication, Create Beneficial Change

If any of the listed issues resonate with you, couples coaching will help you to:

  -Resolve your issues 
 -Get you both on the same page
  -Begin feeling happy together once again
  -Practice selflessness and support each other
  -Renew, revive and rebuild your the connections


Learn the Techniques For Enhancing Your Relationships and Your Life

Couples coaching can help one or both partners in a relationship to improve communication and personal growth. We are experienced and dedicated to helping couples find fulfillment, joy, and fun in their relationship.


We believe everyone can find happiness in relationships.

People change and grow, and in order for the romance to stay healthy the

relationship must also change and grow.

Coaching  helps both partners to adjust and align values, needs and desires and to

to negotiate expectations without  giving up who you both are.


Trying any new service or product can be daunting, especially if you’re not 100% certain 

This is why at Vytal Coaching and Consulting, the first online consultation is absolutely FREE 

You can try it, see if it’s a right fit for you, without having to commit to anything

So if you are sitting there thinking, “There is something in my life I want to work on and change.”

~ You have nothing to lose and everything to gain ~

What People Think...

 We knew we needed to recommend him to our couple friends too!

Frank is a kind, patient, and experienced coach. He worked with both my husband and I and showed us many perspectives and methods that worked with our issues. He's a bright and optimistic man and we can't appreciate him more. I didn't think anything could help us but he showed us how to communicate better and his non-judgmental, honest saved our relationship. Thank you so much, Frank!!
 Carol C.

 You can trust this expert

Frank is not only a great marriage counselor and a life coach but also an amazing human! He listens very patiently and gives the most practical and actionable feedback. I highly recommend connecting with him instead of self-help books or random online reading.
 Ken T.

 His approach saved our marriage

He is the compassionate person who will listen to you as you unpack the messy stuff of being human and he dropped some valuable gems on setting boundaries and improving communication.  He listens very patiently and gives the most practical and actionable feedback. I highly recommend connecting with Frank instead of self-help books or random online reading.
Darren H.