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Studies show:

* Millions of women in their 30s, 40s and 50s have lost their passion for their jobs

* They have to drag themselves out of bed in the morning 

*They dread going to work

That Golden Job

Are you one of the  millions of women:

* Trying to find that "golden position" 

* Going from one job to another

* Wanting career fulfillment

*  Seeking the pay you deserve 

* Who has lost direction & clarity

* Want out of an unrewarding career

* Whose children are old enough

* Who want to sort out your feelings

* Whose skills need to be refreshed

* Who likes perks, respect, and power 

* Who wants to find your true career path

Time To: 

  • Look forward with new direction and perspective

  • Overcome emotions surrounding this complicated, emotional charged situation

  • To work together with us to overcome challenges and feelings of discouragement

  • Move forward leaving the numbness of defeat behind

  • Regain the energy and satisfaction you need at work every day

  • Find your best career path based upon your unique talents, abilities, and interests

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WE ARE VYTAL -logo (1).png

For Life-For Business-For Success
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Where Would You Be If You Had Unlimited Resources? Are You Ready To Find Out?

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Where Do You Fear Ending Up If  Nothing Changes?

Powerful Coaching Sessions Include:

  • Assessments to discover your strengths and talents and what professions your unique personality type is best suited for

  • Assessments to show behaviors and attitudes that can prevent personal and professional growth

  • Exploring the nature of your career and needed education to enable you to excel in your profession

  • Resume writing showcasing your skills and talents

  • Coaching to improve interviewing skills and handle workplace stress

  • Support and direction to refresh or grow skills you need in your career

  • A printout of all the careers you are best suited for, including salary range and if the profession is in high demand

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You may be ready for a new job or career, but finding the right one for you in today’s competitive market can be challenging.

We can help you meet your career goals, by providing strategic guidance, tools, and advice you need to help you land that desired position in less time and with less stress.

Sessions for individuals can include:

  • Personal branding & self-assessment tools                                                                             

  • Job search podcasts

  • Applying-online, interview-prep videos                                        

  • Resume tools, tips, suggestions, and guidance 

  • Interview & recruitment guides

  • Confidence

  • LinkedIn bio & profile assessment

  • Learn to network, work with Recruiters

  Fine-tuned Sessions for a recent grad or entry-level professional who wants to:

  • find clarity around your strengths

  • determine your best career options 

  • develop a strategic career or job search plan 

  • get your next job quickly through the basic job search

  • create a strategic career or job search plan

  • receive a Professional-level resumé & cover letter(s)

  • Communication and the interview

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Career Transition Coaching

Customized for Experienced Professionals with extensive years of experience, with the goal to develop a career plan to move towards new career opportunities.






 As experienced professionals, you have already had exposure to a variety of workplaces and may need additional clarification about your experiences to determine what you want in a career.

We’ll use assessments coupled with coaching and exercises in order to help you on your career journey.

 We will help you bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to go.

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Management Coaching

Management coaching helps you: 

  1. Develop confidence

  2. Amplify your results at work

  3.  Fulfill your career aspirations

  4. Achieve higher performance ratings

  5. Increase capacity to handle problems

  6. Regain control of your time & priorities

  7. Get that promotion, more perks and raise

  8. Overcome challenges more easily and quickly

  9. Develop executive leadership skills toward promotion

  10. Make decisions quickly and have them implemented confidently

  11. Increase your staff’s job satisfaction levels and engagement

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Personal, Private and Confidential

Management coaching provides a safe, confidential place for you to exchange ideas, move past boundaries, and enhance your management skills and abilities

*Your life will start to feel easier and

problems will seem less complex


I assist managers, executives, and CEOs to increase

 profits and incomes while consistently 

engaging their employees

My objective is to make you a happier, stronger, and

more extraordinary manager

Sessions are personal confidential and private

Proven Tools

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LinkedIn Profile Writing

LinkedIn is a big part of the job search today, whether it’s attending to your current existing network, building new connections, or applying for jobs online


If you don’t have a profile, or if you don’t use the site often, you could be missing out on valuable opportunities

I offer LinkedIn Profile Writing services as an add-on to the resume packages for $100

This service includes editing your existing profile or creating an entirely new one matching your personal brand and targeting the career openings and opportunities you’re interested in, using keyword optimization techniques.

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List of 8 Ways 

Executive Coaching Specifically for Women

Can Make You A More Effective Team Leader, Manager  & Communicator

  1. See yourself and others more clearly

  2. Learn new ways to respond

  3. Leverage your existing strengths

  4. Build more productive relationships

  5. Achieve what you want

  6. Developing high potentials

  7. Facilitating a transition

  8. Benefits the entire organization

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